Feature: Copy accidentals from part to score

Greetings, sleepless Dorico team!
I would like to kindly ask for a feature that copies changes to accidental enharmonics from Part to Score.
My workflow involves proofreading the parts. It is very efficient to do it in part view because while I check the enharmonic spelling I can spot other things as bad page turns, note spacing, collisions - and my work is done faster.
This is detrimental though, because there is no option to reflect the enharmonic changes in the score (as far as I have learned).
I was not happy when the other program introduced the ability to override enharmonic spelling in parts but gave me little options as what can be done with the overriden accidentals. Please - provide an option to copy those changes when the time permits!


This is certainly a reasonable request, Nikola. In general we are missing features to copy overrides made in one layout to other layouts, so this is something we will add in future. I also think it would be useful if there was a quick way to hop back and forth between the part layout and the full score so that you could at least quickly hop back to the score to make the edit, then return to the part to continue your proofing. We hope to add this soon as well.

Thank you for your answer!
If I may add - if there is a way to showcase the discrepancies between score and parts by signposts - that would also help a lot!


Sorry if I missed were it has been said. Is this possible by now? Thank you so much!

Enharmonic changes only propagate from score to part, not the other way round. There is no way to tell anything changed, I’m afraid, which also means that once the enharmonisation of a note has been modified in the part, it will not follow any changes from the score anymore (even if the original change is undone). If the note has been ‘touched’, apparently it got some special property, which you can’t see. Mention of the change in enharmonisation in the properties panel, along with a signpost (which you can delete) would be quite welcome.

Hello PjotrB, Thank you so much for the update.

Best regards