Feature gone in Cubase 8.5?

So I upgraded from Cubase 7 to Cubase 8.5.2 within the last week.

When working with Cubase 7 I was able to copy a part(whether that be an audio part or MIDI part), from one project, and paste it into another project.

For some reason that doesn’t work now? Or is it disabled somehow? Is there a way to get this back as it was a pretty important and useful feature I use a lot, very useful when copying modulation and enveloping etc.

For example, I work mostly on Drum & Bass and my side chaining for most songs are the same, so:

Open Project “1”
Copy the side chaining samples that are being used as the signal
Close Project “1”
Open Project “2”
Paste side chaining samples that are being used as the signal
Voila! - You have the same style of side chaining

Then I can make slight adjustments as needed but I know I have the right signals for Kick/Snare and/or saves me time tweaking it from scratch.

Now it doesn’t seem to stay in the Cubase Clipboard or whatever when I open the other project so it can’t be pasted.

Goto File
-> import
->import from another project

(Or something like that)- doing tedious audio backoffice tasks and not at DAW pc now

Yes, but it’s not the same as what I do.

If I have project 1 open, and open project 2, copy stuff from 2 and paste to 1, it works, but if I close project 2, it doesn’t work(it used to).

Just curious why this happens, if they changed that deliberately or not.

Not tried the exact sequence you use with cut & paste, but you can definitely drag and drop parts from one project to another.