Feature Idea: Volume adjusting available for Folder Tracks

Just found out with a few of my dozens of projects that this feature would be so useful. And make some workflow a whole lotta easier.

I know that Group Tracks are supposed to do the trick for you - and they do - nothing wrong about them, but try to imagine this scenario:

  • You have for example six vocal tracks inside a Folder Track named “VOX”.
  • You have set the output of each of those vocal tracks to the Group Track named for example “VOX MASTER”.
  • You have all kinds of automation done on those individual tracks; the volume varies differently for every track at several points, some backing vocal tracks have more delay on them (and the delay for individual tracks might have different automation etc.)…
  • You have also put some slight volume adjustment automation events on the Group track “VOX MASTER” since it’s easier to handle the OVERALL volume changes for the vox via the corresponding Group track.

OK, this is something that I do all the time. I have several projects with more or less this kind of an editing setup - on multiple instruments (several synths, guitars etc. all under dedicated Folder track and their output set for their dedicated Group tracks).

So what if I would like to change the volume for the whole vocals material QUICKLY and EASILY?? Well, this might sound very petty - and I don’t want to complain - but since the Group track VOX MASTER now also has volume automation in it, its volume can’t be changed in an easy and convenient way; you have to:

  • Open up Automation Panel (and that’s for Cubase 6 users only for one! (Not Cubase 6 Artist))
  • Click trim AND enable “Fill -> LOOP”
  • Enable WRITE for the Group track
  • Make sure that the locators encompass the whole project-wide timeline
  • and after all this do the volume change

It could be done with that corresponding Folder track’s Volume setting in a far more elegant way. Don’t you think? It even could be so that one has to press ALT/MOUSE LEFT to change that Folder track’s volume to avoid accidental editing.

This means that the Folder track Volume setting would act as an UNIVERSAL TRIM for all the volume data on those individual tracks within that particular Folder track.

What I’d also like to remind you about here is, that Cubase already has soooo many features with which you can maneuver the exact same thing - and I think it’s a really good thing! So would this kind of feature be so far-fetched? I mean think about all the possibilities of a Folder Track; it’s the most under-valued track type in Cubase, I think. Given that it has NOW got some nice extra meaning with this group editing possibility - but still.

Also, this doesn’t mean that all the tracks inside one Folder track should all have to be directed to only one Group track. This should not be misunderstood. For what I think, this would only give you extra possibilities. Of course it would make Cubase a bit more complex, but hey, Cubase is NOT a child’s toy; It’s the leading DAW in the market so I’m sure the users of Cubase are THAT wise that they would be all overwhelmed by this feature. Isn’t Cubase all quite complex even now with all the Folder tracks, Group tracks, and their sub-folders/sub-groups? I mean you need pen and paper anyway (possibly a good idea :slight_smile: ) with a large project with lots of Folders and Groups all linked to each other.

And if one doesn’t want to use this Folder volume feature, they wouldn’t have to :mrgreen:

Sorry for a looooong message again, but I did have to try and make a point here. Whddaya think? Any '+1’s?? :wink: