Feature improvement: Make right-click tool bar static

At present to select a tool to work with we have to bring up the tool bar with a right-click, but keep the right button held as we drag and release on the desired tool.

A way in which this could be improved, imo, is to right-click once to being up the tool bar and have it stay on the screen statically until the tool is selected.

This avoids strenuous drag/hold tasks, and is quicker and more accurate as holding the right-mouse button while dragging to precision requires more strain.

I wonder how many people actually still use that toolbar. I just use the keyboard.

I use it because I trained myself to, so that the keyboard keys can be freed up for more physically involved commands.

I must be mis-understanding.
When using Cubendo with Windows, I highlight an event, right click, tool menu opens…and stays open.

I then move the mouse over choices in that open menu…processes…normalize or whatever… and then click on the process I want to open

I’m certainly not having to continually hold a button down during all of that.

You’re talking about the regular right-click menu.

There’s an option to have the right-click open just the tools - similar to what you find in the top section of the project window.