Feature Like SONAR MIDI Transform Tool

The subject line says it all - having something like this in Cubase would be wonderful. The latest issue of Sound on Sound has an excellent presentation of all it can do - this feature is incredibly powerful and flexible. Cubase has nothing that comes even close in this area.

The paywalled article: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/sonar-midi-transform-tool

It looks cool from what I can see.

Pretty sure that both Controller Event Editor and the Note Expression event editor are already capable of doing almost everything this tool does in some way or another.

They’re definitely similar features. Might just be a little more fancy this one?

The Controller Event Editor does indeed get us part way there. The one tremendously elegant capability in the SONAR solution is that a fade region can be established on either side of the transform window and the values will be cross-faded in the fade region so you are guaranteed a smooth transition between your edits and the existing data. Makes more sense, perhaps, if you can see the graphic in the SoS article (I only have a subscription for the paper copy, so I can’t pull it to display here).

The other thing the SONAR solution can do that I don’t believe the Controller Event Editor can is introducing convex or concave compression. The picture in a post just above shows what I’m talking about in this case.