Feature MUST HAVE. Tape stop

Hi guys,

This has probably been requested before, but I am soooo envious of the Logic Tape stop fade function. I know that we can do the same thing with Pitch Envelope, but it is sooo many steps and it is complicated, etc.

Cant we just have the same function when you create a fadeout on an audio track and then double click to get the fadeout envelope panel? Just a tick box would do!

Many thanks!


… and probably lots of other ones available.

I know about these, but neither are available for the mac.


How often do you really need this feature? I have ever used it in Logic, and I think, I will use it once (in maximum) in my whole life. If your all tracks will finish by this effect, it will be tooooo boring.

This is definitely NOT must-have feature.


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this function is needed only rarely for the most cubase user, the current options are enough in cubase.
I HATE Tape stop fx on so many electro tracks these days = a stupid and boring trend like Autotune´s pitched Vox´
My opinion.


Its ALWAYS the people who dont like/use it, who condemn it!

How could ADDING MORE variation to a song, make it boring? That makes no sense AT ALL! To me, having a song play straight thru would be quite boring! (in your context). Was Autotune REALLY mentioned?..? :unamused:

If ANYTHING, Tapestop would make a song TOO BUSY. If added correctly, Tapestop fx can achieve some amazing results and shock the listener. It all depends on what youre after and how well you implement it.

Cubase SUCKS at warping audio. Its almost the WORST out of all the DAWs Ive tried. Archeologists should look into Cubase, with all the artifacts you get… :frowning:

Just dont follow trends/fads and use all these TOOLS, AS tools and you’ll be fine! I THINK thats what the Autotune dude was trying to say? Idk. Maybe not.

I accept your opinion, Sir!
But, what do you think, how many cubase user really need this feature?
Most users don´t produce TapeStopDanceMusic with cubase.
And those guys who make TapeStopDanceMusic uses suitable plugins, or audio>process>pitch shift in Cubase. These solutions are very fast and easy to handle. Is that so bad? why do you let these people do not work with this tools if they are happy with it?
Man, I must tell you, I really love Cubase´s Audio Warp and it´s new pitch/stretch algorithms, sorry.
But if you don´t like this and Cubase - there are many other nice and more appropriate daws on the market, especially for electronic styles and also for TapeStopDanceMusic.
Moaning is not the right way, I think. So where´s the problem? there´s no. :slight_smile:

And please, don´t call me Autotune dude. No insults, ok? I hate Autotune.

P.S: I add more variations to a song definitely NOT with the use of tape stop fx… :laughing:

To be clear, I don’t like Autotune too. VariAudio sounds much more better, to me.

In my music (I’m film music composer mainly), I realy didn’t use this effect ever. I would like to make sure you, Cubase is the one DAW for film music composer (so I didn’t choose wrong DAW). Hans Zimmer works with it, for example. Again, this is not must have, this is “why not?”.

Cubase SUCKS at warping audio. Its almost the WORST out of all the DAWs Ive tried. Archeologists should look into Cubase, with all the artifacts you get… > :frowning:

That is not true!
It seems that you don´t use the tools cubase provides in the correct way!

For tapestop the best solution is to get the tempo track to work .
You must have audio tracks with elastique Pro -tape enabled in the Sample Editor window.
Now turn on Music Mode in the Audio Warp Tab.
One thing you must do now is make a parabel like step down in the tempo track where you want the tape stop effect.
Make shure you have linear mode in the tempo track!

I have used this effect many times in many tracks, but I still wouldn’t agree that it’s a make or break feature that is necessary. At most, it is useful.

However, I will also temper that with the fact that every single electro track to come out in the last 6 months uses it at the end of each phrase (often it’s every single bar) - and it’s becoming a horrible cliche now. In fact, it has now invaded the charty/pop/dance world too, with everyone copying Avicii.

Make your tracks as interesting as possible, but don’t add tape stop effect just because everyone else is doing it.

Try doing it manually or maybe using a vst like Effectrix (which does have a Mac version)

Yes it’s another fashion week here at Steinberg towers and along the catwalk today and popular “must have, can’t live without it or I’ll die”, for two weeks will be the beautiful Tape Stop and if Steinberg doesn’t do us a button to do it everytime my mate comes round to “do beats” and I have to endure two minutes (or less) of the embarrassment of doing it myself I will have to declare Cubase the suckiest DAW on the market. :mrgreen: :laughing: :mrgreen: :laughing:

Have a look at:

  1. Sugar Bytes Artillery2 (it’s called “Turntable” there, allows midi triggering)

  2. Sugar Bytes Effectrix
    (Demo versions for both available)

  3. NI The Finger
    (not sure about the demo)

Centralmusic - I apologize for calling you “Autotune dude” lol. I meant NO disrespect by it! I should have taken note of your name since my reply was practically a direct response to your post. I also was not aware (until now) that the WHOLE THREAD is JUST below the “POST A REPLY” box! DUH :blush: I couldve just scrolled down to see it.

I hate, but have to admit, I COMPLETELY forgot about the new algorithms Steiny provided!?!?!? :astonished: :blush:
When I upgraded to 6.+, I just continued working on my current projects (that contain no stretching or shifting). I didnt do much tinkering, especially with audio. I will have to check them out (boy am I late) and HOPEFULLY eat my words! :slight_smile: You guys make it sound promising! :smiley:

Cubase 4-5 left me STUNNED at how bad the results were when shifting/stretching, compared to SX 2.+. I was VERY disappointed, to say the least! Couldnt believe it was an “upgrade”.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE Cubase!! Its my baby! It gives me great power! Love where its going and where its been (except the old algos, eww).

I have not heard this music you guys speak of, thankfully! I can now see how and why you guys would say all that, judging from Breame’s post. I find it hard to believe someone would actually use it THAT often, but I wont dare put it passed people.

QUESTION: Why does the site log you out while posting a lengthy reply?!?!? Some time limit or something? Like this is a banking site or something, geez. I went into great detail, but had it all stripped away when I hit “submit”. This is the short n sweet version, sorry. :frowning: Please forgive my ignorance.

I am a producer in LA Cali, and yes it is an overused cliché. Should I tell my paying customers that? I think NOT. I think it would be nice to have s tape stop like effect that is not so clumsy to get to. Essential? Maybe not. Nice to have? Yes. I would LIKE it in Cubase.