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Hi !
I got some issues with a track in my project.
I´m on cubase 6.5 and i need to do a tapestop effect on one of the tracks.
Is this possible in cubase ? I know how to do it in a project using the time track, but
I need to do it on one track.

Possible ??

If it’s an audio track, you can use process → pitch shift to simulate a tapestop.
Or search kvraudio.com for a nice free tapestop plugin that works on your operating system.

Hi !
and thanks for the reply , yes it is a audio track and I have tried the
pitch shift on the part but it didn´t do the job as I wanted. I´ll try your link kvraudio.com
The fx I was after is easely made in daw´s like pro tools and logic .
But anyway I´ll stay with Cubase,just love it :slight_smile:


Or is there a way to use the elastique pro tape on a singel track.
That would do the trick :wink:


Have a look at Tapestop by TbT - FSU Plugin VST. Its free and works great! :sunglasses:

another great solution:

Cubase > Audio > Process > Pitch Shift

Thanx 2 both !

I´ll give it a try :slight_smile:

You could easily create tape stop effects by placing the the audio track in musical mode, choosing an elastique tape algorithm and quickly drop the tempo.

There are also tape stop effects in loop mash as well.

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Hi !
Will this method only effect the Tracks that is in musical mode ?
in that case it would be great , i´m not at the studio right now so I can´t test it yet.
/ Thank you all the replyes and all your ideas .
GREAT :slight_smile:

For that kind of thing, I would do it externally and then re-import to Cubase.

for example:

export the song or section you want into something like a DJ scratch program (use full wav if you can).

This kind of effect is more of a ‘live dj’ type thing, not typically done in plugin format.

You could also try the same method of ‘playing’ a pitch plugin to see if you can get a good feel your happy with.

The range is not enough… If it would have at least 24 semitones…

then apply it twice, or as often as you need it.


Switch the track to the Logic. :wink:

Well, that’s the reason one of the things on my wishlist for Cubase 7 is independent pitch envelope for each audio event (in addition to the Volume envelope).
Logic has something that is far more workable. You can always do it with the Process dialogue but if you have no option of using the Tape algorithm and if you apply the process more than once, the sound get degraded in quality so the result is not close to a real tape stop.

That said I wouldn’t switch a track to Logic just for this reason :mrgreen:

Oh, I think pitch envelopes are unnecessary, sorry.
This function is needed only rarely, the current options are enough in cubase.
My opinion.

use illformed glitch. You can automate your settings and it works like a charm. And it’s free.

In the case of pop, house, electro, dub step, etc. It is VERY important. It has just become second nature in these styles of music. I suppose that the first track to become famous that used it was Levels. But before then it had been used a lot and now, everyone is using it.

So Steinberg should put it into Cubase asap.

On a personal note, I even bought my most hated program, logic, to replace Cubase. Lucky for Steinberg, Logic sucks and I just can not get my head around it. But this is the strength of this feature for the modern music producers. Steinberg, please take note.

In the case of pop, house, electro, dub step, etc.

Nobody who uses Cubase does those styles. :mrgreen:

OTOH There are a lot of Cubase users who compose these styles and have done so for years now.
Why does it take a “new” user to tell them they haven’t got such a vital feature?
Clue: Maybe they know how to use Cubase. :mrgreen:

Conclusion: Logic’s got it with one less button-press. Gee! That’s an urgent improvement needed! :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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