Feature: Pin sound for MIDI input

I would love a feature to be able to pin certain instrument to be the only sound to audition the incoming midi notes from my controller.
This way I could hear my favourite piano sound while composing, but then do not worry where I have inputted notes recently and if that instrument has the range or timbre to be able to sound whatever I am fiddling with on the keyboard.

When not using a separate program there is significant overhead in selecting desired instrument to input notes, inputting them, selecting piano and going in and out of input mode to get the desired sound, and then getting back to the desired instrument to actually input notes, all for one or couple of notes, over and over again.

Sometimes the desired sound is piano, sometimes it is cello, sometimes a bass clarinet.
My workaround is having a separate program open at all times, but having a native solution would save me a lot of time.

Have a nice day,

In Play mode, you can select one of the Players. You’ll see a little light stripe at the left hand side.

Dorico plays whichever is selected when I play my MIDI keyboard.

Thanks for writing Ben! I am afraid this is not working in my scenario. The stripe is great to choose an instrument, but when I go into input mode on different instrument in Write tab - the instrument that auditions changes to the instrument that is being written to. I would like to ask for an option to override that, so that no matter where I write my music or for what instrument - there is only one that is being used for auditioning MIDI input.

I think that’s an unlikely request. Dorico needs to listen to the MIDI controller to get the pitch for Note Entry, and then play the instrument for that stave. If it has to also play another one at the same time, that would be confusing.

I use an app on the Mac App Store called DLS-MIDI-Synth, which lets you assign the built-in Mac OS samples to MIDI channels.