[Feature req] A dark mode for the music sheet paper

I still have to admit that a mode with dark sheet paper and bright engravings will be helpful when working with sheet music works at night.

Screenshot source: https://twitter.com/Tantacrul/status/1428791845665058826

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Not to discourage (and indeed - this is already via most OSs “Accessibility” options) but I could not cope with that…

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I think this is a great suggestion.

There are of course an extraordinary number of preferences provided in Dorico. I don’t believe when someone requests a new area of flexibility that it’s necessary for anyone to say that they would prefer a different way of working - not unless a person was for example saying “No-one should have the right from this point forward to print or make PDFs of music which don’t have a black background and white notes”.

It’s self evident that when Dorico provides a preference setting that people will use it differently. This is why Dorico’s preferences exist.

I spend so many hours in front of a computer that I MUST add extensions to web browsers to make them work in dark mode - and I use OS and app provided dark modes - or otherwise get a headache and have to stop using the computer. While music notation seems the least easy to me to get used to in opposite colours I believe that it’s something that if the user has a need they can overcome - especially when it’s a case of having a health related reason for doing so.

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As one who works in dark mode, I might prefer this as well. It can be a bit jarring when switching from the dark environment of settings, dialog and text windows suddenly to a white notation background. I wonder how I’d experience the voice colours, though…

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It’s certainly something we may add in a future version. That kind of inverted display has benefits for people with certain accessibility needs.


I guess Dorico can introduce something similar to system color namespaces like macOS NSColor.

When you develop an app in macOS 10.15 and above, NSColor provides some dynamic colors like “systemBlue”, “systemRed”, etc. These colors appear differently depending on whether the system is in Dark mode or Bright mode.