[Feature-Req] Add a property "stem file name" to each player with Hungary naming method by default

[Feature-Req] Add a property “stem file name” to each player with Hungary naming method by default.

This will save users’ time from renaming the exported audio stems one-by-one.
Some DAWs and some bash commands are not friendly with imported file names which include spaces, etc.

For instance: for string orchestra plus a string quintet, their Hungary-named stem names are:

// Ensemble: strVlns01, strVlns02, strVlas, strVcs or strCli, strCbs.
// Quintet or FirstChair: strVln01FC, strVln02FC, strVlaFC, strVcFC, strCbFC.


As far as I know, having more fine-grained control over audio export file naming has been requested before. Whether it will use Hungarian naming conventions (TBH, I had to look it up) is up to you, I guess, but better naming possibilities will undoubtedly appear in Dorico eventually.

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You are mixing many languages and conventions here to create your ‘standard’ abbreviations.

Also it is very unlikely that you will have more than 10 instances of any instrument, so the 01 is unnecessary.

The 01, 02 if you put it on the front of all tracks does work nice for making track import into a DAW happen in the original order instead of alphabetical for some people. It would be like 18 VlnI 19 VlnII 20 Vla or something when you got to strings though.

Hungarian notation doesn’t have a lot of utility in that context as you’d get tracks ordered weird. But people have different needs.


Hungarian Notation is defined here:
hungarian_notation.pdf (cengage.co.uk)
It is mostly used by programmers.

Also, 01 is for reading conveniences only. That “0” works as a good visual separator.

You are still mixing up your languages in the abbreviations.

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I admire that you think creatively. I do appreciate the general ask in having more control of the file names. EX: Some music supervisors or libraries have their specific standards, so it can reduce some small amount of manual renaming. And just for making general DAW import faster.

Gag, I had hopes that Hungarian Notation died in the 1990s. :slight_smile: I can’t imagine it as a default. The former Xerox guys who invented it were C programmers and the whole the purpose behind it was made obsolete by Object Oriented Programming features like encapsulation, In a sense having all the information you might want encapsulated as meta data fields in the audio file is a similar advancement IMO, so I’m not where HN would apply to music.

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