Feature request 1.1.70

  1. Open windows browser to save stack presets.
    It is useful to see where one is storing the preset and to see other preset names.

  2. Notes support for other text formats specially .DOC

  3. I still need (though we have discussed it in other post) a way to have duplicated stacks but with the property of being updated if one instance is modified. Global stack provides this capability but do not want it in all songs. Or at least if a stack preset is modified this change propagates to all instances of this insert. It is a headache to have to modify many parts/songs.


Bit tricky, as the preset is supposed to be saved to either “Local”, or “Project” directory, depending on the setting (bottom of Media Bay). A regular file selector would allow you to save elsewhere which breaks with that concept.

You can load “txt” files, also copy/paste from a .doc viewer. We have no codec for doc conversion, sorry.

Something similar is in the planning.


Every DAW lets see the path and the list of presets stored names.
Why is it Project dependent? This means that for each project I have to create the presets again?

There are many assets like presets, the idea is to keep those in places where they can be found later on. While there is no dependency in this case, it would differ from methods used when dragging/dropping to the media bay, and we try to keep things simple.
If you use just one computer, use “local”, and they are always in the default directory.

For the next major release (1.2.0) I sugest to implement
functions to modify the song structure e.g. Insert and Delete bars in a track or song.
Similar to the Cubase “Process Bars” dialog in the Signature Track.

yes, TXT are fine, they should be listed in supported file format so that are shown in the Open window, same for PDF files, only html files are listed.

…are in the making.

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Next version.