Feature Request: 4 inserts 4 sends on mixer

I have a feature request. I’d like to have the option of viewing 4 inserts and 4 sends on a mixer channel strip
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I totally agree. The time lost in switching back and forth between inserts/sends is huge. Just one option of viewing 4 inserts and 4 sends on the mixer would be worth a full upgrade to me. I have been using Cubase for several years now and this would be my number 1 request.

as a work around, you can configure the second mixer for one or the other.

or you can use the real channel strip … “THE” channel strip as opposed to “A” channelstrip
you know the one you get when you hit the “e” button in the mixer.
Then you have 8 inserts + 8 sends in the same tool.
You can even set them side by side in the Customize View > Setup if you rightclick somewhere in the strip.

put the Channel Stip on the upper part of your screen and the Mixer below.
Then select the Track/Channel you want to edit in the mixer and the Channel Strip will change to the newly selected channel.

Close enough?

Cigars are in order B-)

This additional 4/4-view would be easy and quickly to implement (!)
I have posted this pic long time ago in the old forum…

But… we need a complete overhaul of the mixer in cubase! (like ProTools´ or S1´s…e.g.)


I currently use key commands (!) to switch Inserts <> Sends.
(erm…it´s ok, but not perfect)

This is what I’m asking for!

Very good idea! :slight_smile:

Something like this WILL be available in the next cycle of upgrades (v7 onwards…) - I’m sure of it; they know this needs to be done. :wink:

I vaguely remember someone at Steinberg saying they were working on that. Hopefully its with 7 along with some actual mixer, track, and group management.