[Feature Request] A/B Comparisons

I wish there were a feature to easily compare any set of changes in a mix session or any session. Taking into account plugins, events, volumes changes and pan, midi data. An A/B feature that would be modular, choosing to compare just the plugins part or just the volumes changes, pan, event moves, midi data, etc…

The only way now is either the history which is limited and saving which is too long and not flexible.

In the mixer you can use “save/load mixer setting” by right click. not bad.
ok, it´s not quite the same you want, and I also wish undo in all areas and - of course - a/b comparisons, especially in plugins (!) I posted this often for a long time.
So I support your FR!

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I usually just duplicate the tracks I want to compare and mute/unmute between them. Works like a charm. Everything will follow when you duplicate the track (VST Instrument, VST effects, pan, events, midi data, automation etc).