Feature Request: A one-click Sonoris style ISRC editor pop-up in the wav editor


I think am in a somewhat different world to some here … it is somewhat unusual for me to receive ISRC codes (or sometimes even final song titles) before, or in the initial stages of a new project. It just doesn’t work that way for most of my label and managed artists. Demanding them from A&R (as I am sure some might suggest,) is not only futile but relationship challenging.

Occasionally, typically just as the final deliverables are being assembled, I might receive a set of ISRCs.

Going back to the montage and entering them, re-rendering and doing a QC listen to everything again is just not a practical option.

To be honest, I find the wav meta data edit menu ‘fiddly’.

More elegant would be a one-click Sonoris style ISRC editor pop-up in the wav editor … where all you have to do is enter the ISRC and it auto places that in the two ISRC fields.

It’s clearly not a deal breaker and this is simply a feature request.

I’ll leave this with you.

Thanks as always


I agree that the metadata implementation in the Audio Montage could be a lot simpler and cleaner. Mine is set up so it’s “set it and forget it” and the metadata is based on a combo of marker names and CD-Text titles and other stuff already existing in the Audio Montage, but setting it up feels like I’m doing software coding and could be overwhelming for new users.

It could be made to be more user friendly for new users.

Same for the Audio Editor.

Exactly … and in my case it’s specifically about inserting the ISRCs in the already approved wav file.

It was actually ‘quicker’ and way easier to do that in the Sonoris ISRC editor than fool around with the metadata editor in the Audio Editor.