Feature request: (a very small one...) hit ENTER after control-N

Hi! maybe I missed something, but it would be very time-saving if after control-N I just could hit ENTER to create a new file/montage. Now I have to click the Create button every time.


PC or Mac ?

On OSX/Mac with key command cmd+n
tab “File” is open and I have to select Audio file or Montage…
even check out

regards S-EH

Hi! Thanks foor chiming in.
I’m on PC, seems a different behaviour.
With control-N I get to see properties, then I have to mouse-click to create an empty file.
I did not see a solution in the shortcuts


Better yet, create one or more montage templates so that with the press of one button, you get a new Audio Montage at the desired sample rate, with some other things already pre-loaded and arranged how you like it.

For example, all my templates have my preferred metadata preset loaded so I don’t have to load it for each new project. There are other things you can have pre-defined already as well and then save it as a montage template which you can then assign a shortcut to create a new one.

Great! Somehow missed the ‘define shortcut’ option. Thanks!

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