Feature request: Ability to add parentheses to a breath mark

Sometimes there’s a need to add an optional breath mark, typically by encapsulating a standard one in parentheses. Would be great to have an option to add/remove parentheses with the existing breath mark symbols. There’s currently plenty of space to add a bracket style there.
bracket style.png
breath mark.png

+1. It’s pretty common to need to add an editorial breath mark when adapting music for wind instruments.

Arguably, it should be possible to put editorial brackets round nearly every playing technique, trill, breathmark, etc. (How else will people know to ignore it? :laughing:)

In the meantime, you can of course create Playing Techniques with the mark and the brackets.

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LOL! Bracketed breath marks do seem particularly common though. Of course I’m a woodwind player so I’m used to seeing them a lot.

You can design a bracketed breath mark, but only as a playing technique.

I would have thought it was more straightforward to hack an existing breath mark that you would never use, so that it’s still in the holds and pauses tool…

I have gone ahead and hacked the last breath mark type (Salzedo) which I don’t use, but it only seems to be available in the original file. Also, the icon does not reflect the changes I have made. Is there any workaround for either?

When you change the music symbol, there’s a little * next to the name, to make it clear it’s not the default. Maybe save as default could retain that change for new projects — that is how it works in other fields of the program. As for the UI, I don’t think you can change it. This is more or lesss a hack…

Thanks Marc, clicking on the ☆ icon indeed let me save it as the default. I just need to remember it’s there under a different icon.

How to hack an existing breath mark?

Thanks in Advance.

Try Engrave>Music symbols

It works! Thank you very much.

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