Feature request: Ability to delete fingerings from the keyboard


Hi, Daniel and team!

GIVEN a Dorico 2.x score with some fingerings
AS a composer or editor
WHEN I use the fingering popover
I WANT to delete a fingering without switching to the mouse

As currently implemented, I can add or edit a fingering with the fingerings popover, but I can’t remove a fingering without using the mouse.

Possible solutions:
a) put the current fingering in the popover, selected, so that we can delete it.
b) allow a “/” to mean “delete the fingering”

a is better, ya?

Anyway, thanks for an amazing app. It’s become the center of my studio and it’s my first steinberg app ever!

Thanks, Robert!
I’m confident someone from the team will answer ! :wink:

I agree it would be helpful to be able to remove fingering with the keyboard alone, and we’ll have a think about how we might be able to achieve this in future. In the meantime it can be done if you are able to do a bit of surgery on your keycommands.json file in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 2 (Mac) or %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2 (Windows). If you add the following as a command:


and assign a shortcut, then you will be able to clear the fingering property for a selected note or chord by hitting that shortcut.

Daniel, thanks for the workaround!

Daniel, I’ve followed your other json tweaks wth interest but haven’t used them because I’m hesitant to meddle. But this one is worth it for me.

Would you mind clarifying where in this command string we enter the desired keystroke; and how? For example, if I wanted to assign “remove fingering” to Ctrl-Shift-9 (or whatever). Thanks.

And Daniel, if it helps prioritization, it’s a bug. ; ]

Desired: The current fingering appears in the fingerings popover.
Actual: The fingerings popover is empty.

Desired: Pressing enter with an empty fingerings popover should result in no fingering.
Actual: Any existing fingering is left on the note.

Those aren’t bugs, Robert, but nice try!

Dan, you would find the section “kMusicEditable” in your keycommands_en.json file, if it’s there. If it is there, insert some lines like this (hopefully the pattern of how the data is put together is obvious):

						"UI.InvokePropertyEnableSwitch?Type=kNoteFingering&Value=false": [ "Meta+Shift+9" ]

If there’s no “kMusicEditable” section, then insert this whole chunk:

				"context": "kMusicEditable",
				"shortcuts": [
						"UI.InvokePropertyEnableSwitch?Type=kNoteFingering&Value=false": [ "Meta+Shift+9" ]

Once you’ve manually edited the file, paste the whole thing into www.jsonlint.com to make sure it’s still valid. Then restart Dorico and that shortcut should work in both Write and Engrave modes.

Great ideas to speed up fingering.