Feature Request: Ability to have repeat sections in individual parts

Often in my pieces (you also see this regularity in many minimal pieces), I will have individual players repeating a section a number of times while other players are doing something that is not repeating. IE: Violins Play 8 measures and repeat it 4 times, and Violas are playing something that takes 32 bars to repeat.

Instead of giving individual players long parts with lots of duplicate material, it would be great to be able to mark those sections as repeating to shorten the number of pages.

I don’t know how to code something like that to happen, but it’s something that would be trivial with a hand written part (one of the few things, ha!), it’s be great to figure out how to do that in Dorico.

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@mbira I’m not sure if you’re a new forum member or not but there’s no need to make a separate thread when there’s already one about this topic (in fact it’s frowned upon). The team read all posts and will consider everything that is put forward and imply it is a feature request from posts there etc

Thanks for asking. No, I’ve been a member since 2010.

I made a feature request that covers yours a while ago, which I called rhythmic compression (as opposed to condensing).
Rhythmic compression
I don’t know if it’s in the pipelines or not, but it would be a game changer, just like condensing was!

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