Feature Request: Absolute commands for cycle ON / OFF

I’m aware that absolute control of cycle on/off is available in the MIDI remote section, but this can’t be accessed with the keyboard and it can’t be used inside a macro.

This would be a handy command. Similar to separate Snap on and off commands existing. Same logic should apply to cycle.



Just to be sure, you are requesting two commands:

  • Cycle On
  • Cycle Off



As far as I’ve worked out, it only exists as a toggle command at present.

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Agree, but I wouldn’t limit it to just the Cycle state. A bunch of Key Commands only exist as Toggles. Every single Toggle KC should also have On & Off Key Commands.

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Hi, since you’ve put the midi-remote tag, it would be interesting to know how it relates to your feature request. I’m asking because if what you plan to do, involves the midi remote, there can be other ways to get the job done.

Yeah, I see no reason not to offer the absolute cases, even though this can make the command list size tripled in these occasions.

As a side note, could you please give 1-2 more examples of having the “absolute” mode preferred? I’m really interested in the concept of absolute actions, and since I know that the midi remote already does that with its “hostValues” concept to some extent, I’m wondering whether in the future there could be a unified approach, making both qwerty/midi users happy :slight_smile:

Complete by mistake. Removed.

Here’s one that gets in my way a lot. You can Toggle between the Cursor remaining where it currently is when the Transport Stops or it Returns to the Starting location on a Stop. With a Toggle you need to always remember the current state of the setting before changing (or not) to the desired setting. With dedicated KCs you can just tell it to behave like you want independent of the previous behavior.


Many situations.

For example, if I want to ‘enter project cursor position’ I would build a macro which includes autoscroll to be ON before the cursor is moved, no matter what the autoscroll status was first.

Similarly, if I use ‘enter locator range’ I would want cycle to be ON first no matter its prior status, knowing I’m going to hone in on a cycle that I want to listen on loop.

Similarly for general use, having absolute commands available allows you to hit a key and know with full confidence what the status is. No need to work your eyes to detail in on what color the cycle bar is, or whether that tiny autoscroll indicator is lit or not. This is the disadvantage of toggle only commands - everything is slower and your eyes have to work harder all over the screen to see the status of these toggle commands.

Another situation I am finding, with the way I work, where absolute commands would be handy is:

Punch In/Out recording

It would be so much faster, more convenient, and avoid unintentional recordings due to the punch In still being active … if this command was offered as an absolute, not just a toggle as it is at present.

I forget to turn it off and then have to do that after I see material being recorded unintentionally.
It would be great to use punch in/out, and then know I can hit a key and it’s out of the way after my recording is done.

Like, why not?
It’s a better way of working.

Key commands for the new C13 start modes instead of a toggle would make this feature way more useful.
Toggling and reading the on screen message of which one is currently selected takes time and brain away from the work flow.

100% correct.

Such a simple change can speed up workflow. You wouldn’t even have to think about what status was current.

Bumping for this very useful idea. Why is it useful?

Think about what we use Cycle for – critical listening, fixing elements in the mix, timing, checking etc. In other words, demanding task work.

How great would it be to take out the 50/50 requirement to toggle the Cycle ON when you’ve utilised a macro, for example, which wraps the cycle around the selected parts. The inclusion of an absolute command such as “CYCLE ON” would be super convenient and avoid disruptions to critical workflow tasks, as mentioned above.

What does this mean?

ONE KEY to rule them all. I hit it, and my cycle work begins. The cursor will NOT go beyond the cycle locator range because I KNOW I have told the cycle to be ON inside my macro.

100000% pretty please!
I do understand why we have toggles as it saves key commands and buttons. If we only had separate on offs, someone would ask for toggles for sure!

My only guess is that it goes back decades ago to an era when “multiple undos” were a luxury, and “macros” if they existed, were hardly used? 20 years ago I was just happy with so many Key Commands including the toggles.

And now, to change from a toggle to 2 separate on/offs, it may be more difficult to achieve. If not, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have done this many years ago.

Yeah, there’s several things like this.

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Nope. The “proof” is that for example in the midi remote we can already instruct some commands to perform in absolute way, for example the cycle on/off, solo, mute, record, automation r/w, metronome and maybe some other ones that I don’t remember right now. The key is that in the midi remote, they are properly defined as “Host Values” instead of just toggling commands.

Priorities maybe? :slight_smile: