Feature request - adjust level of multiple selected layers simultaneously

SL10 Feature request @Robin_Lobel

Please make it possible to select multiple layers and adjust their gain simultaneously. Think ctrl+click for selection of mutliple layers, then adjusting one gain slider would change all gains relative to their initial gain values.


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Good idea but in order to kill 2 birds with one stone it’s best to implement this feature through Groups. I sort of suggested that feature here and explained in another post to allow batch processing of layers within groups (that way you can run a process and have it automatically apply to all layers within that particular group, while still having the option to batch process/batch render as many times as you choose).

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Yes agreed, this would be good, quick workflow enhancement.

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Interesting idea, I’ll keep it in mind when implementing selection of multiple layers at once.


I can already foresee some potential problems and many people requesting/suggesting additional features. Something that can also be considered(when implementing this) is the option to also allow groups to be treated as one mergedlayer. For example something like unreal engines treeview mode where you’re able to link and chain your nodes while having the ability to go back and revisit any link. Another good example is Ableton’s Live freeze track mode where it combines all the processed plugins and effects on one track with the ability to revert back to it’s original state.

The idea of treating groups as one merged(encapsulated) layer would be more intuitive (to the end user) to work with and would be overall beneficial for everybody than for the developer to implement one feature for every different scenario…

It would be great if I can select a group and do anything I want to it (for example select a small section and cut to layer below) and have it apply to all layers within that group, and in-theory, that scenario shouldn’t have to process all the layers(within that group) to cut to layer below because I’m sure there’s a forumula (for example the sum of audio) to do it in a more efficient manner.

Sorry for the rant (but it’s something to think about).

Good call with the group approach!

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