Feature request: Advanced history view

In the process of writing this request in regard to key commands (http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13371) I thought of another feature that would be helpful. A command prompt style window that could be opened, in a similar manner to the “history” window.

When I press CTRL+C in this view, not only does this command window tell me that CTRL+C keystroke was received, but the associated command that was performed (and presumably the ability to undo it). Having a detailed view like this is helpful because some commands one would perform are not immediately visible. You could call it “Complex History View”, “Advanced History View”, or something.

A further development of this feature might include the ability to issue commands via text. For instance, a task normally requiring a mouse or a controller could be written in. Although it might not be feasible, a task one might want to do is type: “Move fader in position 5 by -6.00dB”

I imagine that this tool would also be useful for your corporate/support needs. A user’s keystrokes could be accurately tracked and recorded in a log for troubleshooting purposes, making it easier to detect bugs.