Feature Request: Allow 'Time Fade' gradient to be adjusted after making a selection | FR2: Gradient direction/orientate

I would like to adjust the ‘Time Fade’ AFTER making the selection, this make more sense to make a selection, and then refine it to be perfect. Also, I always forget to adjust the Time Fade before making my selection so then I have to deselect, adjust the time fade, then re-select… and then realize it’s not perfect, so then need to deselect, adjust, re-select… ookay one more adjustment, deselect…etc…etc.

I would like to be able to orientate the time fade left or right. Ie Opacity Right to Left would have opaque right side and transparency on the left.

Even being able to do diagonal orientations would be very useful as this is the shape of many decaying sounds… there’s usually low end, mid resonance that decays longer and high frequency shorter.

This is not really the intended design - think of Photoshop’s selection feather instead. The selection space is a canvas by itself, you don’t usually change a tool parameter after the tool was used.
However, you have the Select menu to achieve what you need: go to Select > Modify Selection > Fade… which is sort of post-processing of the existing selection, where you can apply a fade to the whole selection canvas.

The oriented fade is an interesting idea, and is technically possible with the current selection system, but it needs to be designed properly (so not to add too many options, or cryptic options that would confuse the users). Future idea for v7 though.

Okay, I see Modify Selection now, this is what I was talking about.

I didn’t mean changing something after a process, I meant changing the ‘Time Fade’ simply after making a selection, thus, modifying it BEFORE I apply the process… as I am looking at the gradient transparency to make as good of a guess as possible that the process will end up how I want it.

It would also be great if these other modifier parameters were instead of a pop-up window/menu, they were just real time parameters in the programs header with hotkeys.

whops, that second ‘contract’ was supposed to be ‘Expand, etc’

That would be super helpful. And so much more musical +1