Feature Request: Allow WaveLab plugin use in other DAWs when WaveLab is licensed

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WaveLab includes plugins that are not included in other DAWs, such as Cubase. But WaveLab users would naturally like to use WaveLab plugins - those which can be meaningfully used outside the WaveLab context - in other DAWS.

Feature request: If WaveLab is licensed, allow the plugins included with the licensed version of WaveLab to be used in other DAWs.

For example it would be nice to use the WL-plugins in a NLE, that supports vst, if you own WL.
As WL video does only support a small range of video files, I would prefer to be able to use it‘s plugins in premiere, edius, vegas, …

My MXF of Sony PXW-Z90 or mp4 from DJI Osmo Plus do not work in Wavelab. Osmo‘s video-pictures work, but audio is a flat line without audio.



Right and that goes for C10 plugins also.
I likewise made a mistake to use Frequency in many instances on tracks.
I would like to EQ the samples so i wanted to use Wavelab Batch with Frequency.
Then i found out frequency did not work in W9.5.
Also the MasterRig does not load the Frequency presets.
So i was…

Now i use Fabfilter Pro Q2 to do the same…

Plugins from Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab show Steinberg “disunited”. Even if you own all three licenses. It’s nuts.


I think master rig is cute, so I would like to see it as a cubase enabled vst3.


+1 Makes sense to have them available as VST3s in DAW