FEATURE REQUEST - another "hide" state for mixer channels

Right now, we have "grey for visual channels (not hidden)… we have “orange” for hidden channels.

I would like to propose a 3rd state - SHOW ONLY HIDDEN (maybe green?).

There are many times I would like to instantly access only a certain group of channels and I am searching through them to find the ones I want. Imagine this - normally, you click on “Hide MIDI channels” to hide them. What if Alt+click on the same button causes it to turn green instead of orange, and you see “only MIDI channels”?


Argh, I always get confused by this, it would seem to me that if they’re lit orange then I can see them but it’s the other way round… Well, that aside, you’re requesting a Solo mode then? Right now, we’ve got Mute mode, so yeah, why not, sounds like a cool idea to me. +1


It would definitely help a lot with big projects that have tons of tracks in them.

Do you two use channel view sets?

I generally use the 3 mixers and have different sets on each, e.g. i) audio+instruments ii) midi iii) fx+groups.

I’ve not come across channel view sets, how do you use these then?


Here you go Mike. You should love this feature.
channel view.jpg

The channel view sets looks cool, and I think it will be very useful. I haven’t used them before, so thanks for sharing.

Still, I think having a “show only” state as described in this feature request would be helpful.

Hi Tom,
yes you’re right “channel view” is a good feature, but when you add a new channel (FX, Group…) it will show up on all presets, so you have to rebuild all the presets to get rid of it. it’s very annoying.