Feature Request-Audio File Fades

Please provide separate fade in and out settings in the preferences, that can be used when rendering from an audio file. I almost always need to render regions and have a fade in and a fade out, but the in and out are almost never the same time or shape. This would save a trip to the batch processor just for fade outs. Thanks.

Are you speaking about this? What settings do you usually use, and why?

Yes, that is the setting.

Sometimes I only want a fade in or out, not both.
For classical concert recordings, I frequently use a very short fade in (~50 ms) and a longer fade out of applause (~2 sec.).

Then, why not use clips in the audio montage, for full customization?

I do when needed, but if I can get it done in the audio editor it’s simpler. For many concerts I can do everything in the audio editor + master section, except this fade part.