[Feature Request]: auto open the destination folder at the end of bounce mixdown process


The title is already clear, it would be very convenient to be able to access the file on the finder with the window that opens automatically at the end of the mixdown process. Maybe as an option for the final option in export window.
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yes, good idea, i often thought the same

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I don’t like this “feature” in Studio One, as an option it’s ok.


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If you export to the default Mixdown folder which is within the Cubase Project Folder then the easiest method is after the export is completed. Go to Project-Project Setup and below the Project Location setting is the option to “Show in Explorer” After which it is the easy to scroll to the Mixdown folder.

If found this the best way at the moment and as such I assigned it a short cut key.

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You can add this feature yourself today.
In the Export Audio dialog is a little field for “what to do after export” (not the exact name).
You can actually create entries for this field yourself by writing a little script. Unfortunately I don’t know the location for these files on the Mac. Neither do I know how to write a Mac script to open the file.
But here is an example for Windows:

Maybe that helps you already so that you can write it yourself. You can use the .aepp file directly but need to rewrite the .cmd file that it calls.
Otherwise you’ll have to find a Mac user that can either write the script that in my example is a .cmd file. or compile the posted source code of the C++ file that fab67200 posted.


Thanks for your useful workaround :slight_smile:

Thanks for spending your effort for trying to help me. I’m not so pratic in this kind of process, in the meantime I hope in a native app feature added by the steinberg team.
Thanks for your suggestion and your time :slight_smile:

It would just take one person that has a bit of knowledge of any of Apple’s script languages a few minutes and you’d be golden.

As you can see we were already looking for that person back then.
Of course, Steinberg could also just add these scripts as part of their installation.

Too bad.

thank you so much, your script works amazingly well!

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That is nice to hear.

If you (plan to) work with queued exports or exports of cycle markers in the future I would recommend to go to the thread that is linked to in my link and use the script and app from @fab672000 as that handles some “weird” behaviour of Cubase better.