Feature Request: "Auto Play New Results Selection" for Load Panel>Instruments

Hi there,

Would it be possible to have “Auto Play New Results Selection” added to Groove Agent 5’s Load Panel, specifically for “Instruments”

Currently I feel the previewing workflow for the Instruments tab in the Load Panel is problematic. To preview a sound you have to click on it and then click the Play button (let me know if there’s a hotkey for “Play”). To preview the next sound you have to click on the sound next sound, then press play again. For myself at least scrolling with up/down arrows after pressing play moves the focus away from the Load Panel and onto the pads of the selected Kit, meaning that for previewing sampling you have to click the sample, click play, and repeat.

What I see as ideal would be for the following:

  • A function such as “Auto Play New Results Selection”, as found in Cubase/Nuendo’s Media Panel, or the “Auto Play” as found in Groove Agent’s Load Panel>Styles, to be implemented.
  • A hotkey for Play to be made/assignable (if it isn’t already)
  • For focus to stay within the instruments panel while playing/scrolling.

(which is essentially exactly how the “Load Panel>Browser” works)

Let me know if there’s a better methodogy around this as I would be happy to adopt, as the current seems unnecessarily frustrating for one specific panel.


The function is already there, my friend.
If you browse midi patterns or acoustic styles, to the right of the play button there is a “autoplay button” anda circular arrow “loop autoplay”, activate them and you can play the patterns as soon as you select them
if you browse instruments, samples there is another arrow to the right of the play button, after the stop button, “prelisten in place=autoplay”, select it and you don’t have to press play every time and loose your focus

When I hit Auto Play New Results Selection in my 10.5 pro, it still doesn’t audition the sample. There’s a volume control there, but the former function doesn’t do anything.

In my 10.5 pro it works. You find this at page 39 and 40 of the manual

if you did everything right and you don’ hear anything, switch off the control room (when the control room is activated the samples of the midi libraries are muted), set your audio outputs to your monitors and try again, maybe that’s the reason