[Feature Request] Automatic Notepads

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When you export the Inspector Notepads all you get is what you have typed yourself.
A lot of the time it’s not much more than presets and settings …
This is of course something Cubase already keeps track of so why not automate it?
Say I use Monologue trough PingPong delay and daTube on a track.
Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically have the settings exported like:

MIDI track:“SynthLead”
Connected to VSTi: Monologue


-FX track: “Bouncy bouncy”
-Stereo out 02

FX track: “Bouncy bouncy”

And a checkbox for “Don’t show unused”
And a checkbox for “Export as XML”

Nice? :slight_smile:

I like this idea. The Project Browser has much of the information already. They could just add more detail to it perhaps. I am not sure if it is exportable or not.
EDIT: Your post did make me think of something concerning presets. Knowing the name of a preset that is loaded to a VST FX or VSTi doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It really only means that preset is the most recent preset loaded. The actual state of the parameters on the plug-in could, in fact, be NOTHING like the preset. Seeing the name of a preset in the little box can be misleading. I am not sure if there is a way to tell that the parameters have been changed since the preset was loaded.


and you don’t have to trust the presetname if you’re sure you’ve changed it.
it’s just a way to visually check what’s in there anyway :wink:

The asterick works. I made a post with some other ideas for identifying modified presets as a feature request. It goes along with your FR.

Yep +1

why end it there? Project names, Generic Remote “presets”, Device panels, you name it.
An asterisk will make you go :astonished: and save before moving on! :sunglasses:

Ulf, you amaze me :sunglasses: I use the notepad to enter my dismay with a mix. When I open the project next time, I read what I put and attempt to improve the area of the mix I’m not happy with. I put dates on when I did such and such a thing too so I know if the mix/part ain’t working, that’s the likeliest area to look at. Your idea reduces the amount of typing I have to do and also saves time when I next open the project.

Great suggestion :sunglasses: