"Feature" request: avoid editing the wrong clip's effects

I sometimes make mistakes, some more annoying than others. This one is in the “more” category: I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who in the montage has had one clip selected, the playback cursor somewhere else, heard something that needs adjusting, and then – of course – adjusted the plugins belonging to the seleceted instead of the heard clip. I would like some help with avoiding this.

But, I have no idea what I actually want. I do NOT want a “clip selection follows playback” option, that will create even more problems. Perhaps the solution is visual, put a brighter frame around the selected clip, highlight it with a vertical stripe or a special marker, but I honestly don’t know what would work the best. Maybe the solution is already in there? Therefore: please advise :slight_smile:


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Select clip where playback stops, maybe?

Hm, that could work, but only if you actually stop the playback before you start making a mess of things :slight_smile: I know that what I’m asking is for WL to hold my hand, but in this case I think I need it. (This is similar to when using Photoshop/APhoto you try to edit what you see without realising that the layer stack is pointing to something else. Effing annoying – and embarrassing :slight_smile: )


If you zoom enough, then the visible clip will always be the one you hear (thanks to scroll on play). Wouldn’t that be enough?

Yes but no: the goof tends to happen when I’m doing an album/compilation, where you jump between clips to make them fit each other. For example, you have finished doing Track 8, and then have a quick listen to Track 7, where you realise that you need to adjust something → accidentally re-eq Track 8, which has the edit focus.

Again, I realise that I’m asking to be nannied a bit, and will accept the “ctrl-z” or “Revert to saved” punishment if it’s not possible.


Maybe a short floating message that pops up when you select the plugin GUI, saying ‘You are editing clip 07’ would work? (BTW, I have no idea how hard or easy this would be to implement).

Could work, I like it :slight_smile:

I think there is definitely something to this request. I also find myself assuming the plugin chain window of the the last clip I selected and played back being visible but in reality it’s still the last clip/plugin chain.

It would be nice if there was a mode where selecting a clip made that plugin chain window appear instead of staying on another clip’s plugin chain window.

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Agree, have done this too. Couldn’t it be implemented so that the clip which is being played back currently is in focus. If you want to adjust some other clip you’d need select it or have it playing back. This could be an optional setting if it otherwise would disrupt some workflows.


I totally agree!
I also raised this issue earlier in a topic and was then thinking of a “clip selection follows playback” way of solution at that stage, but I can see other alternatives as well.

If it would be possible for WL to make it visually apparent that the current Plugin Window does not correspond with the current playing clip would be great.

This could maybe be done by:

  • Opening a warning pop-up as a warning
  • Making the opened plugin window “unfocused”, “unresponsive” or similar until clicked on
  • Other alternatives…!?


+1 - I love how Wavelab has developed and matured, but this is something I’ve goofed up on numerous times!

Yes, especially as I’m doing more “in the box” projects and relying on clip FX more, I find myself quite often somehow adjusting the wrong plugin.

It’s especially easy to do for plugins that have no metering on them so you can’t see if audio is passing through it or not on playback.

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