Feature request: basic accidental rule per voice, not per staff

The default Basic rule for “accidental duration” in Notation Options is Common Practice, where an accidental applies to all notes in the same staff position until the end of the bar.

However, in contrapuntal music in closed format, like a multi-voice Bach fugue for keyboard, it would be useful to have separate initial accidentals inserted for different voices on the same staff.

For example, here’s an excerpt from Bach WTC I, mm. 16-17 taken from the Henle Urtext, which has an explicit f# in the alto in beat 1, and also in the soprano in beat 3.

This second f# is not following a “Modernist” accidental duration rule or “restate cautionary accidental” rule, it is a “new” i.e. initial accidental, but for a different voice (soprano).

Of course, it’s easy to manually add these accidentals for these cases using Properties, in an ad hoc way, but it would be really nice to have an alternative Notation Option for Basic Accidental Duration rule, that’s a Common Practice “per voice,” rather than “per staff”. This would be useful for a lot of contrapuntal keyboard music.


This has been requested before, and is on our list of things to consider for implementation in future versions.


Good to hear, many thanks Daniel.