Feature Request: Batch Export

I would like to have mono tracks export to mono files.
It would also be helpful to have quick toggles to bypass all insert fx and sends.

I think that’s the reason half the userbase left and went to cubendo.com.

Probably makes no difference now PT is native (asio) so which would be the most reliable is less of a question.

I guess it will be a battle for features but if there is a “winner” I guess Steinberg due to diversity.

What is stopping this Feature,



Probably the above


Does not clicking mono downmix not do that?

no if you batch export, mono is exported to stereo

I thought last week I batch exported all my mono channels on a mix to mono files by selecting mono downmix in the export options? maybe I was mistaken?

That may be, I’m referring to when you want to batch out tracks, stereo and mono- the mono becomes stereo as well

So you have to batch export twice - once for stereo tracks, once for mono. It’s certainly a bit of a pain having just the one export format, but it can be worked around with a bit of a fiddle.

Thats what I did…

Would be far better to have the batch process do it for you automatically but still far faster than rendering each track by hand (as it were)

Right- workaround works, but it would be a great improvement and time saver to have this automatically done

Looks like one of these situations where Steinberg (the developer) can either ignore the requests or implement what amount to sensible functionalities.


BUT you CAN assign short-cut keys to bypass ALL the Inserts + channel EQ’s + Sends. Look in the Key Commands manager. I have assigned them the key commands CTRL+7, CTRL+8 and CTRL+9. Helps a lot!

One-click operations are best.

Oh, come on!!! Assign then only a SINGLE-KEY to those; like 7, 8 and 9!! This begins to sounds like you just WANT TO NAG about something. Are you saying that you don’t use a keyboard at all when using Cubase? Are you writing these posts with a mouse also? No offense but if you can apply those settings behind a SINGLE KEYBOARD KEY, then you possibly can’t say that it isn’t enough, and please try to come up with something that REALLY doesn’t work in Cubase 6.

Well, I give you this one thing, that those buttons SHOULD be beside the [S], [M], [R] and[W]-buttons on the multi-track window but they aren’t - and the “workaround” is more that easy!

Batch exporting however IS something that I’d like to have too.

All the best and hope that you cope with it :slight_smile:

Well if we are asking the dev team to provide more options why not ask more?

It makes perfect sense the original request, to be able to do mono and stereo on a file by file basis, just as it also makes sense to be able to bypass inserts and deactivate sends as a simple check/uncheck option.

Only today have I re-installed WIndows/Cubase due to general registry sluggishness and misconfigurations of file types and so on and now my cubase is back to snappy again :slight_smile: but I don’t care much to configure the program if I don’t have to and would rather have it set up for me “out of the box”.


I want to bump this. I just had to export a whole album and having to export stereo and mono separately is a real PITA! Steinberg, surely you could have a setting that differentiates between mono/stereo tracks and automatically compensates?


Thanks for the tip, mindastray. Didn’t know about this function at all.

Workaround (at least this works in Cubase 5)

If you setup a mono output next to you stereo Main output

Route your stereo tracks to the stereo out and your mono tracks to the mono out, you can then use the batch export and all stereo tracks will be stereo and all mono tracks will be mono.

So the only extra work (though granted it should not be necessary) is rerouting (Select all mono tracks the SHIFT select you output, all will be don at once) your tracks, and after the batch export routing them back again).


Also, you can use the "reset all channels: button on the mixer. This also zeros all the faders.