Feature Request: Better support for Midi generators that generate on multiple Midi channels

Impossible to correctly use Midi generators that generate Midi on multiple channels simultaneously


This is not a bug but the intended behaviour but it makes it impossible to use certain Midi FX AUs that I use heavily. Call it a feature request if you like.

  1. Load a Midi generator into a track’s Midi FX slot that can generate Midi on multiple channels at once. Examples: Audiomodern Riffer, LK
  2. In this app create an output that generates Midi notes on two different channels: 1 and 2
  3. Set the Midi out of that track to a virtual Midi channel, e.g. from AudioBus, and the channel to 1.
  4. Add another track in Cubasis with an instrument and set the Midi input to the virtual channel output on channel 1.

Expected Results

The instrument would play only notes the generator has produced for channel 1.

Actual Results

The instrument plays all the notes the generator has produced, from both channels 1 and 2.


Cubasis, iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd gen, 1TB, iPadOS 14.5.1


The Midi output of the channel with the generator outputs all Midi data to the channel that is set in the output routing regardless of the Midi channel of the generated events. This is ususally an expected behaviour but if the channel Midi out is set to “All”, the channel outputs all Midi events to all channels simultaneously. I think this is a rather useless option.

Anyway, my proposal would be to add additionally a “Pass through” mode where the channel information of the events is not changed and are emitted with the channel information they have. Then multiple tracks could get the Midi data

Hi @krassmann,

Your feature requests has been shared with the team.