Feature request: bypass toggle switch


I would like to request a feature, and I’m quite surprised I couldn’t find it in the requests before :slight_smile:

It would be extremely helpful and timesaving to be able to bypass the toggle switch, if afterwards you have to click on another button or type in a field anyway.

For example, when ending a voice, clicking directly on “immediately” or “after barline”, instead of first clicking the toggle switch, then the option. Or typing in a Prefix or Suffix at a dynamic without having to click the small button.

Many thanks in advance!

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I assure you the request has been made (over and over), and there are clearly defined reasons why the current situation exists.

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Welcome to the forum ahonegger! Yes as Derrek has said, you’re not alone in this thought and whilst I can see why removing the activation switch has a certain desirability, there are a number of very good reasons for why things are the way they are; you can read some of them discussed in this forum thread: Do we need all of the on-off switches in properties panel?

Thanks Derrek, I read your reply in the link Lillie posted before. My question is not if we need them or not, just bypass the clicking when activating an option. I do see the need of them, just not the need of clicking them if I need a function which, when activated, would automatically toggle the switch… Looking forward to your reply!

This is certainly something that was already suggested in the many threads Daniel refers to, in his answer to the thread linked by Lillie. This has been a vastly discussed matter :wink: And, for the record, I agree with you.