Feature Request: CC via MIDI Trigger popover

While wrestling with CC103 values in the Key Editor (is this really the fastest way to add this data?) I found myself wishing for the ability to enter CC data in the new MIDI trigger popover. I’m trying to set organ registrations in NotePerformer 4, and it’d be so much easier for me just to enter “103 (10)” or something similar in the popover and move on.

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There was a discussion recently on this. I think the conclusion was it is easiest to set up custom playing techniques for specific registrations.


That would indeed be very handy if it was possible. For example with note performer it may be a good idea to leave the expression map as it is - I have experienced some strange results after altering it…

It all worked OK using add-on switches to change the registration parameter and did not mess up the rest of the NP expression map.

See this post for a Dorico project which demonstrates how to change the registration on the NotePerformer pipe organ using playing and playback techniques and add-on switches in the expression map.


Thank you, @johnkprice. This works, but that’s really labor-intensive!

Just on a side-note: I successfully used this to implement a1, a2, a3 for NotePerformer :slight_smile:

I’d propose a new popover for MIDI CC, perhaps shift-Z? At the minimum, I’d love to see this popover handle these two commands:

x a: sets CC (x) to static value (a); example: 11 64

x ±a: adds/subtracts (a) from existing value; example: 11 +25

This third command would be terrific for manual control of crescendos, for example:

x ±a%: increases/decreases value by percentage; example: 11 -40%

And, since we’re in idealist dream mode here:

x a,b: sets CC (x) to value (a) for length of selection, then sets value (b); example: 11 64,34

x a-b creates linear value change for CC (x) from (a) to (b) over length of selection; example: 11 64-16

x a…b creates ease-in curve from value (a) to value (b); example: 11 16…64

I know that all of these functions are technically feasible in Key Editor, but someone like me would work much faster in a popover environment like this, with Key Editor available to work out the fine-tuning of curves and such.


If there was a simple ”CCX=Y” popover (and a signpost?), I would personally be very happy with that :slight_smile: