Feature request: CD-convert-to-audio-montage with alternate file formats

Here’s a thing that’s been (slightly) bothering me since I started using Wavelab a long time ago (must have been from v4) and has not yet been changed since then.
For the projects I’m working on, I sometimes need to import/rip audio CDs.
I like to store them as WaveLab montage + lossless compressed audio files.
When using the WaveLab import CD tool, you can save the tracks to (almost) any supported file format.
However, with the convert-to-audio-montage function, the audio file format defaults to WAV+GPK.
To achieve the desired result, I each time have to convert the audio files (or rip them a second time) to the wanted file format and throw away the WAV+GPK files. Next time I open the montage file, I then need to replace the WAV file references with the compressed ones.

Therefore, my request:
Would it be possible to modify/enhance the convert-to-audio-montage function, so it can directly save the audio in the file format that is selected in the output option box ?

Many thanks,
Erik ‘De LoRRe’ Laurent

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Yes, this will be changed so in the next WaveLab version.

Many thanks Philippe for your fast reply and for promising the solution that will surely simplify my workflow.


If you are on a PC you might want to look at this until PG does his work https://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ Works GREAT!


You might also want to look at ACDR from FMJ Software, which can save in lots of different formats including FLAC.

@MrSoundman , @Thomas_W_Bethel ,
Thanks for the suggestions, but the files I get from WaveLab CD Import are OK to me. What I use to do is add a WaveLab montage file to them, so I have some kind of a full CD description that I can work with and customize to my needs. The ‘Convert-to-audio-montage’ option of the WaveLab CD ripper now defaults to WAV files, whereas the ‘Save’ option of that same WaveLab CD ripper can produce all kinds of audio files. My request is about allowing a combination of both options: convert to montage, but producing the linked audio files with another file type at the same time.