Feature request: Change stereo->mono or mono->stereo on group tracks


I really can’t believe that the only way to change a group track from stereo to mono or vice versa is to delete the group track, create a new one, reroute everything again and move effects and automation. There should be a simple switch to change it.

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Not at DAW right now, so might get the terms a bit wrong.

In Pro you can fairly easily go from Stereo to Mono. Change the Panner type from Combined Stereo Panner to Dual Stereo Panner. This gives you independent control over the Left & Right panorama edges. If you set both of those to the Center you’ll have Mono.

I am not talking about panning. I am talking about the track type.
The only way to do it is to delete everything and start over.

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But you can set the panning so it functionally behaves like a mono Track.
Would a button that switched between mono & stereo be nice? You bet.
Does that button currently exist? No.
So recreating or panning are it for now

That’s the range of what’s available for you to use right now and most likely the only choices you will have until that magical day in the future when your feature request (which has been asked for at least a decade) suddenly appears in Cubase 26.5. Meanwhile panning is generally gonna be easier and faster than recreating the Track…

Sure, but a lot of mono plugins does not work on stereo tracks.