Feature Request: Change the beat length for tempo purposes

Use case: in many cases, music transforms from compound meter to simple meter like this example:

Usually when this happens, the beat (that was previously perceived to be a dotted quarter) will now be perceived as a quarter, but the tempo (beats per minute) will stay the same. This is simply a way to avoid excessive triplets or duplets in the score.

Even though Cubase is not (primarily) a notation software, many tools, like the project tracks, the piano roll and more rely on a grid that is based on musical values like quarters, eight notes etc. For that reason, when recording / composing music, it’s really useful to think about the time signature and how it relates to the tempo.

Today in Cubase, if you change the time signature, the tempo will always relate to quarters. If I want to accomplish something like the example above in Cubase I have to do math and multiple the tempo by 2/3 to compensate. This is not ideal because it’s not actually reflecting what is happening in the music (tempo is NOT changing), and it also makes it harder to adjust the tempo later.

What I’m proposing is a way to mark a change in the track that from a certain measure forward, so that tempo relates to a dotted quarter note (or some other note length), and not to a regular quarter note. This way I will not have to change the tempo BPM, and any future changes to the tempo BPM (including automation) will reflect that.

Since Cubase is widely used for composers, and this kind of thing happens a LOT (including film music) I believe that this feature is something that might be worth looking into. I know that I will definitely pay for an upgrade of this feature alone.