FEATURE REQUEST: Clickable Hyperlinks

I saw some discussion in this forum of how to use other software programs to insert clickable links into a PDF of a Dorico file.

A request: Allow the user to insert clickable hyperlinks directly in a Dorico file (to web URLs at least, if not to other anchor points in the Dorico file as well. The link would be live within Dorico itself, and in an exported PDF file.

As virtual learning and interaction become more prevalent in these times, such a feature becomes more relevant.

P.S. This is a far reach and a heavy lift…and isn’t a feature request, but only an idea: How about an HTML5 export that is playable with playback controls. (or the Dorico document opens in a web-page that accesses a Steinberg web server with limited Dorico functionality, such as playback. (The best implementation of this I’ve seen is Noteflight.)

I’ve love to see Dorico’s Comments converted to PDF annotations; and Bookmarks generated for each Flow.

I believe that the PDF generation comes from the Qt framework, and it may be limited it what it can offer.

Such things are probably easiest to implement on an existing PDF using scripting.

Ben’s correct that the PDF engine in Qt, which Dorico relies upon, doesn’t currently support things like bookmarks and links, but perhaps this is something that in the fullness of time we can add ourselves. However, it’s not a hugely high priority at this moment.