Feature request - colors for keyboard

Using Dorico 4.2 on Windows - I see under Preferences that you can set background colors and colors for voices. A way to add color to the onscreen keyboard (keys become your color of choice) would be helpful. (Or, if there’s already a way to do it, I can’t find it.)


I’d like this too, but it isn’t possible now. For Zoom teaching, I use a freeware program called VMPK to always have a keyboard displayed at the bottom of my screen. That way students can always see the voicing that I’m playing and I can choose the color scheme. It certainly would be nice to have Dorico better support this natively, because as of now there’s not enough contrast on the keyboard for students to be able to tell which keys are being pressed when I’m demonstrating something on Zoom or on a classroom projector.

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Yes, I have VMPK. I’m switching to Dorico from Finale, and I’ve found that I can’t have Finale and VMPK running at the same time, as it causes problems with the sound. Haven’t yet tried it with Dorico.

Some programs (can) claim exclusive use of the computer sound card. In Dorico (depending on the driver one uses) one can turn that option on or off. Most prefer the exclusivity option to be off.

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There are a couple of ways to achieve this. As Derrek mentioned above, you can turn off Exclusive Mode. In Windows Settings go to System/Sound/More Sound Settings, then click your device, hit Properties, go to the Advanced tab and make sure Exclusive Mode is not checked.

If that still doesn’t work you can create additional MIDI ports and use a software MIDI router. Windows doesn’t natively allow you to create additional MIDI Ports, but loopMIDI is free and works fine for this. I give each program a dedicated MIDI Port and then use Bome to route the signal. (There are some freeware programs out there too.) My setup ends up looking like this where Dorico, Finale, my piano VST, VMPK, etc, all receive the MIDI signal simultaneously:

Cool! I’ll give this a try.

Todd, have you tried Midiculous? It’s a lot more flexible than VMPK.

I have and I do like it.

Nope, I hadn’t heard of it. Looks like it’s really flexible for teaching with OBS and Zoom. Downloading it now, thanks!