Feature Request - compare versions without any delay?

I have different clip “versions” on each track… so some songs may have 4 or 5 tracks, and then I use the “solo” button to compare versions… Is there a way to make it change INSTANTLY? Currently there’s a huge delay when clicking solo to listen to different versions…


The delay depends on the latency of the plugins, and the latency of the playback stage (number of buffers in the WaveLab Audio connection preferences). Maybe you can reduce the later.
This being said, I am thinking about finding a solution for what you are looking for, in a future version.

I’m glad to hear that you are looking into a solution. Yeah, some of the plug-ins I use are extremely high latency plug-ins. That being said though, if each track was somehow in sync, it seems that seamless switching would be possible. I know it’s possible in Cubase for example…

Instantaneous switching between versions is very helpful for mastering applications.

I realize something like this may require some development. I’m glad to hear that it on your to do list though for the future – it would be really awesome to have the ability to do this… even if a versioning system was part of that process. I use tracks for versions right now, but maybe there are better ways – I don’t know.

My momentary solution is MCompare, a little bit tricky to configure but it works nice with big buttons to switch between the tracks/versions.
Why tricky? You can drag’n drop some audiofiles into MCompare and it gives you an option to set the offset to your original file, but the offset is not big enough for a longer audiomontage. WL sends the timecode to the plugin (or the plugin get it form WL … anyway). So, if the timecode is at e.g. 5min the offset of MCompare won’t fit. I’ve reported it to Melda and they returned, it’s a WL problem.

But MCompare can be configured as a “trackswitcher” with multiple instances of this plugin.