Feature Request concerning Offline-Effects PART 1

I sometimes use offline effects on regions or clips - the ones that show in the ‘Offline Process History’, you know…
There is no way to preview them in track-context! I mean, if I have a track effect inserted, the preview of the clip-based offline effect is ‘soloed’, you just don’t hear it in conjunction with the track effect.
That’s particulary useless when using an amp simulation, for example…
That should be changed.

Thanks in advance!

+1 I’d like in place auditioning of offline processing please Steinberg. Asked for many times in varying guises. I totally agree bluedog.

But to get around this I add the effect in as an insert, tweak the parameters, then save a temporary preset and apply the preset in the offline processing. Nowhere near as easy as it could be.


if you have the auto apply on your event when your press F7 (open close offline processing) you hear the fx in context. Is that what you´re saying ?

ups, this it´s 8 years post! didnt notice that! eheh