FEATURE REQUEST: Constrain Delay Compensation improvement


Anyone agree with this?

A problem with ‘Constrain Delay Compensation’ is that you need to keep remembering to turn it on when recording, and off when you’ve finished. I say this because the main purpose is to temporarily disable high latency plugins, to make recording MIDI tracks easier, with a lower latency.

So here’s my request:

  • Add an option to Constrain Delay Compensation, such that it automatically switches on only when either (a) the track is not playing back, or (b) a track is being recorded. An equivalent way to express this request is to say “…Add an option to Constrain Delay Compensation where it automatically switches off when a track is being played back and nothing is being recorded”.

The benefit is that this would mean that when you play a track back, without recording anything, ‘Constrain’ will switch off and your high latency plugins will be enabled, and it will sound like it’s supposed to sound for listening back and mixing. But when you audition a MIDI instrument (which you would do with the track not playing back), or if you are recording a MIDI instrument, the Delay Compensation would be ‘constrained’, the high latency plugins would be disabled, it would sound not perfect, but you would get low latency playback of your MIDI instrument, which is the main priority.

The upshot is that it would be automatically switching between a high latency ‘listening and mixing’ mode and a low latency ‘recording’ mode.

This could have a huge benefit. I currently avoid using high latency plugins while recording, because the latency gets in the way, and I just don’t like the idea of manually switching Constrain Delay Compensation on and off all the time.

This option would therefore make the recording process smoother.

Anyone agree?