Feature Request: Create Cycle Marker(s) from Filename(s)

I had a brief dig around and couldn’t find anything that described this feature.
I’d really find it useful to be able to auto-populate cycle markers for hundreds, maybe thousands of files (on a single track) based on their filenames. This way I would be able to quickly re-export them based on cycle marker name in the export window.
One use-case for this i’m currently working with is to export a .wav filename with the exact same filename as a lots of small video files. Rather than having to manually create region markers, it seems like it would be a simple task to auto-populate and name cycle markers using the already known filename as source.
This would perhaps work best if it were a right-click contextual option that appeared when event(s) on one track are highlighted, or perhaps even a right-click contextual option on an audio track or video track.
If this feature, or way of achieving this already exists, it would also be great to hear about it.

+1. Would be very handy. If you’re on windows, I’m not sure if MEAP does something similar or not.

Yeah, this would be for OSX.


Would also be extraordinarily useful for exporting audiobook chapters.

Still wondering (see previous thread I can’t find anymore :unamused: ) if this sort of thing is somehow doable with the PLE.


OK … here we go again …

There is a much more convenient way of doing this, though it seems like we are all stuck in our ususal habits of cutting up events in the project window. It’s -in most cases- a pure waste of time.

1. Start from scratch

Open your long file(s) in the Sample Editor.
Activate Regions.
Now select (with the range tool) the parts that you need and add them as regions
Give them the proper name. (Here you can make great use of the Rename tool)
In the pool, you’ll see that the is a “+” before the file name.
Click on it, and it will show all your regions.
Select the once that you need, right click and select “bounce”
Now you can select a folder, and within a second or so, all your regions will be bounced to that folder.

2. When you already have cut up your events in the project window
(Or when you needed to combine edits from different events)

Select all your edits.
Go to “Audio/Advanced/Events or range as region”
Now you have created regions from your edits.
Proceed as explained above.


Although this describes a good workflow from unedited content to end files using regions, this doesn’t help with adding cycle markers from already existing video or audio event/filenames.

*Also, sorry to call out this, but using terms like “here we go again” … “it seems like we are all stuck in our ususal habits”… “a pure waste of time.” isn’t very helpful.

Well, sorry if you take it that way, it wasn’t meant like this.
The thing is that I have explained this over and over again, and yet most of the people simply don’t want to try this out.

Actually, you are kind of confirming this right here, right now.
If it’s a matter of getting your files exported with the correct filenames, then creating markers and renaming them will take much more effort and time than creating regions and exporting them.
Re-read my #2.

-Select all your edited files.
-Apply “Events or range as region”
-Rename your regions (by using the rename tool)
-Export all.

Besides that this is faster, it will give you more flexibility and more options in a later stage - if there is one-.
So, unless you need the markers for any other reason, you are choosing the long way round.


One of us (and I’m not entirely sure which one of us it is) is missing the point.

Fredo-- for example-- the cycle marker naming macro you showed me/us some time ago has really sped things up for me. It’s extraordinarily useful for the way I work now.

My only problem with it is that so much of it is “manual”, i.e. marker names can’t be grabbed from track names automatically, and the whole thing can’t be automated. Your macro is just one or two steps away from that, and has been very helpful.

How I work now: A cycle marker for each chapter, all on the same track, routed through a DX group with all of the plugins. After naming the cycle markers I do a batch cycle marker export using the appropriate “naming scheme” (which, as mentioned in a separate thread, I wish we could store!) and save everything to a separate folder.

I am not understanding how, in an audiobook project for example, when I have a collection of, say, 40 formatted chapters as individual files, all requiring the same effects chain, your process as described above would be more convenient.

I’m certainly up for learning new things…



If you need to apply plugins, combine/edit lots of small bits into larger parts, and so on, then indeed this won’t work.
My bad, all of the previous times this question came up, the users wanted to export untreated files and were refering to the Wavelab workflow.

In your case, you can do the following:

-Since all your chapters are edited, and are lined up in the same track, including plugins, simply export that to one big track.
-Re-import that track and use the detect silence feature to create regions. (Flag: Add as regions)

===> This will create regions, which again, you can quickly rename and export into your final folder.

I bet that this will be -at least- 10 times quicker than selecting and naming cycle markers to be exported.


If people keep on asking for this maybe it could be taken as a hint that the current way Nuendo wants you to work isn’t really intuitive?


This is interesting-- I’ll look into it when I have time (any number of variables to consider, such as naming conventions, sequential numbering and stuff like that which may well be simple to pull off with the renaming function-- but I haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll blow it!

I’m not real crazy about the idea of offline exporting many hours of material in one contiguous file. One glitch, and the whole thing goes kablooey. On the other hand, doing what I’m already doing, but saving the file-naming for later could work. But then, that’s a lot of files to keep track of, order-wise, and at 3am bad things can happen.

I appreciate the workflow idea, and will explore-- but I gotta say, as it stands I’m with Ollie on this one; the export/cycle markers thing is so very close…



Creating markers from file names is actually not that difficult, but can’t be done just using Nuendo.
Whatever the reason to do so (my reason when i did it could definitely have used Fredos method instead) it isn’t impossible.

I use a basic macro program (quick keys or similar) to move the current selected field in the info line. And combines it with a bunch of built in KCs.
So basically what it would do is this:
Select next event
Tab three times (number of tabs depend on if the inspector window is visible or not)
Create cycle marker and name it KC

Repeat for the number of events on track.

A bit convoluted yes, but pretty simple in actual use.

Bit OT but concerning cycle markers anyway…
I´d love to do this other way around. It would be cool to be able to do ADR that´s based on cycle markers and use all the other implemented great ADR features AND get the recorded file to be named according the cycle marker.
Like first part of the file name would be characters name, then something like first two words of the line at hand… Or maybe a cascading numbering…
Files would be named like this: “frank_hi, great to see you” and then a cascading number for take number…

Bye / Tumppi

That is a pretty clever idea!
I second that.

Would love to get a response from Steinberg to this FR.

Bye / Tumppi

Back to this topic…
After doing ADR now for 4 days in a row with Nuendo (that works like a charm and is veeery fast and reliable tool for me and actors also) Id like to add another nice feature I could see would improve my workflow.
Id love to be able to choose on what lane the next take would be recorded. This way it would be easier to organize recorded material while recording. Move up and Move down functions are great, but still Id love to be able to choose the lane beforehand recording…
And another… Sometimes it is needed to trim start or end of the recording while doing ADR. It has happened to me few times that when doing so I accidentally trim in the same time also cycle markers… Not nice. Some other way to prevent this other than locking marker track would be cool.

It can also be that I have not learned everything and these features are there already. If so please educate me :smiley:

Both these features and the one I previously succested (that would name takes from cycle markers) would improve collaborating with pro tools rigs.

Bye / Tumppi

I’d love to have a key command that would mark which one of the takes is the chosen one.
And also while reviewing take input monitoring would turn it self off automatically. I know about tape machine like monitoring option but this would turn monitoring off only when inside current cycle marker. This way K could hear talent always exept when reviewing a take.

+1 This is a great idea.