Feature Request - Create Initial Parameter Automation - More control please

Can we get an option to select what intial parameters we want written? This may have been asked already in the pasts, but I can really see the value in this. I think this feature is actually quite important, especially to avoid VCA issues with automation. I like the idea of this in theory, however I don’t like to use it in practice because it writes so many automation points to each track, Volume, pan EQ settings. & more.

I would love to be able to say only write an initial volume point at unity for example, or maybe add Pans. It gets cumbersome and really crowded that after this is done and you select “view automation of selected channels” that there is now a ton of parameters there. Other option then would be to allow some sort of PER TRACK filter for automation sets. We have that now globally, but not per track as far as I know.



I would like to be able to simply write initial volume-only points ‘Start to End’ for all tracks at individual current track fader levels. At the moment, writing automation points for every parameter on every track seems ludicrous.

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it’s a really useful feature, but writing all automation by default is a bit OTT and trying to remove the unwanted automation is very time consuming. Personally I only use volume and pan (all multipanner parameters). I guess to make this happen it would need it’s own panel…