Feature Request: creating automation points based on marker points

I was wondering if there could be a button to automatically create automation key points based on marker locations. This would help speed up workflow for automating when you need to bring a specific track down for verse 1 or the chorus or something like that. Instead of having to go on each individual track and create a key point for each marker, there could be a button to automatically create these points for you for each track.

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This may not work for you, but this is one of the reasons I use a completely different MIDI CC track for automation. Then you can send it to wherever it needs to go. Use a Virtual MIDI port, for more than 5 destinations.

I just upvoted this feature request. This is such a common use case, and right now I waste a lot of time drawing automation points with the pencil tool (which inevitably leads to more than one, so I have to go clean up the extra ones), and then dragging them exactly to the marker locations where they should be in the first place. Hopefully this will get implemented, and thanks for suggesting it, great idea!

I’m outta votes, but I +1 this.

Ah, I see what you mean, you are mixing. It can still be done though. It’s just complicated.
I’m going to give the quick version because you probably wont want to do this.

  1. You need a LoopMidi port mapped to a generic remote with all of the standards mapped to selected track.
  2. Make a special midi track you only use for these types of key commands with it’s output going to the LoopMidi port.
  3. go to that special MIDI track, activate it and pencil in the automation you want. (in MIDI)
  4. select all of the tracks you want automated and write enable
  5. back up the cursor a bit and hit play.
  6. disable the special midi track

You could even get crazy with PLEs, MLEs and macros to do a lot of that, even make percentage changes if you had the automation always in MIDI. With 2.0 this could be granular enough.

So while I second your request, This and every other request like it could require no further coding from Steinberg if they would allow MIDI to be sent to every track to control the automation, and have that automation always just be MIDI that is on that track.

I requested this in a separate thread. If they would do that, then you could just do the same thing with automation you can now do with MIDI Logical Editors, and make your own key commands. When they got a lot of requests for such a key command, they could take the answers they find here on the form and make them stock presets.

And if you wanted something that no one else cared about, you could still just make it yourself.

I don’t think anyone understood what I was asking for.

In addition if we could make the MLEs (Automation Logical Editors would just be MIDI 2.0 Logical Editors) and PLEs and macros, and key commands, and generic remote, all at once, maybe in Lua, then it would take the tediousness out of doing it, and it would save a lot of time, repetitive stress injury, and would be much less error prone.

In this thread you are asking for a fish. I want a the fishing poll, the bait, and the boat!