Feature request cubase 11

Could the beat designer step sequencer be redesigned and upgraded with independent note resolution per instrument. Currently it is not good for making hiphop/trap instrumentals.

Dragging an effect from the right zone to a track is too much of a stretch to the left side of the screen could this be made easier by dragging to the track space in the sequencer.

Could track names auto update when instruments are replaced.

Could there be a way for chords within an audio track be detected, extracted and manipulated with the circle of 5th and chord track for personalization.

Could there be a instrument settings window similar to the channel settings window containing all instruments loaded within a project and synced to channel selection this means faster workflow for recalling instruments. In other words, when an instrument is openned selecting another track would automatically switch to that corresponding instrument instantly because it’s already apart of the instrument settings window. Also loading instruments from the instrument track window would be convenient instead of closing it just to add track and choose instrument, all would be done with one selection from the instrument settings window.

Could mixconsole configurations be global

Could the key editor be made to show various scales using high lighted keys, this would be very usefull for creating melodies

Editor tab in left zone should be grayed out (not selectable) when using mixconsole, sampler control and chord pads in the lower zone because its useless and not necessary to see.

Whenever the channel strip sections are shifted around in the mixconsole they go out of line with each other, they are not properly uniformed for example two noise gates are next to each other with two vintage compressors underneith, flipping just one vintage compressor above the noise gate puts it out of line because not all channel strips are the same size. The new look of the channel strip in the channel settings window seems to all be the same size so could those be also used in the mixconsole except for the eq, keep the rotary knobs but add the mini screen, knobs look much cooler. I like the little screens they will look awesome across the mixconsole.

Opening another project while there is a project already opened takes too long to load and activate, thats very bad for switching back and forth between projects.

Could the controls on the mixer window only be adjusted by click and dragging with the mouse similar to the mixer in propellerheads reason because I always accidently mess up my mix with the scroll wheel.

Could the VSTI SECTION in the right zone be moved to the lower zone similar to waves plugins in cubasis. I am thinking it was not put there because the lower zone is too wide, but it could go there with space fillers at the sides (just a blank part of the lower zone) I am sure there are benefits to that such as size increase and more options for functionality.