FEATURE REQUEST: Cubase 6 or 7 "composition sketchpad"

Moderators: Since I’m apparently disallowed from posting in the Cubase 6 forum because I don’t own that version, could you move this post there since it deals with a feature request for version 6 or 7?

I’d like a “composition sketchpad” in Cubase. Specifically, it would

  1. Allow you to create an unlimited number of sketchpads, which are music timelines independent of the main composition’s timeline, but otherwise have the same tracks.

  2. You may compose (record audio, MIDI, create clips; basically, do any “creation”-type activity you could do in the main composition timeline) within a sketchpad, and once you are done with the verse/phrase/etc. within that sketchpad, transfer its contents into the main composition timeline using very quick and easy commands; perhaps very similar to copy/paste functionality.

  3. If the contents of a sketchpad are copied into the main composition multiple times, these copies could be either linked or unlinked (i.e., changes would either effect all copies simultaneously or only the copy in which the change is made).

I think probably the composition sketchpad feature is very much like Reason’s “blocks” which were introduced in version 5 of that program. A major difference (I think, although I don’t use Reason 5) is that the contents of the sketchpad could be “unlinked” and imported into the main composition directly, and then multiple copies could be edited independently, just like regular clips.

All already available, Arranger Tracks allow multiple arrangements and copies can be either seperate from one another or linked. Time to leave the stone-age, Freddy-boy. :wink:

As far as I know, the arranger track feature doesn’t allow you to, e.g., create new MIDI clips in a timeline that is distinct from the main composition timeline.