[Feature Request] Cubase 6.x

Sorry of this has been mentioned before, nothing found with search.

It would be a very useful workflow to take an existing Cubase project which has finished tracking, with all existing tracks frozen and export this to a new project which can read in the Freeze files all in their correct place, ready for the mixing phase.

Menu > File > Back up Project

“Back up Project” used to be called “Save to New Folder” which is a better name IMHO. :wink:

Hi. I thank you for your tip. Regrettably this function doesn’t achieve anything close to the workflow I was looking for: once backed up, opening the new project reveals all the existing tracks with their fx, inserts, and freezes intact whereas I was looking for a project which contained only the freeze files in the relevant time positions, representing the tracked project intact with no fx whatsoever, just a bunch of audio files to mix.

Sorry if I didn’t make the OP sufficiently explicit, it was kind of done on the hop, whilst trying to get my head around the fact that new v6.5 isn’t even capable of freezing files. (If you choose to run the whole project in FLAC). Nuts…

If I understand correctly, you can Batch Export with the “Import to Project (Audio Track)” box checked, delete the old tracks, and Save As… (or Backup… if you want to move it).

Well I’ve outdone myself this time, what an amazingly stupid OP. Yes, check batch export and create new project and the job’s done.

Who ever said too much rock’n’roll makes you senile was wrong, I’m living proof :laughing:

Thanks JL for pushing me in the right direction and taking my blindfold off :blush:

I’m off to give my brain an enema.

Your avatar might say it all today! :laughing:

We all have our proud moments every now and then! :laughing:

You may have them every now and then … I have them all the time :sunglasses: