Feature Request - Cubasis Piano Roll


I’ve been using Cubasis for a while and really like it.

Their are a couple of feature that I think would be useful on the piano roll when editing midi.

  1. An option to full screen the piano roll editor - with the grid remaining proportionally sized , so that the grid blocks are larger in full screen mode but taking up the same relative dimensions on the screen as currently when the piano roll is expanded

  2. The ability to choose a scale or mode / key from a drop down and have the notes for that highlighted on the piano keys on the right side of the piano keys

  3. An option to turn on note names for all notes on the piano keys


Hi Neonconkers,

Thanks for your comment.

The MIDI editor can be already expanded to full size, same for the changing the grid size via gesture.
Did you check these options yourself already?


No - I must have missed it - how do full screen it ?

Simply tap + hold the upper left of the editor screen and move upwards (works with audio and Midi editor, MediaBay etc.). Zoom in out is performed with a simple two finger gesture.


Hi Lars

I was aware of those options what I meant was something like the maximize / minimize option in Korg Gadget
(Should have phrased my initial request better) , where you hit a single button to place the sequencer in full screen mode - I’ve attached a screen shot below

here I’ve crudely added an example to the cubasis editor window

Great suggestion and usability improvement, Neoconkers!
Will discuss it with the team.