Feature Request: Default Track Colour Preferences - Have access to Project Colour Palette + Colour Name Association

Colour Palette could be accessible in Preferences via a new tab.

This would allow Project Logical Editor to finally be able to target default tracks by colour name

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As a workaround, could you append the desired colour names to the end of your track names? Or if you want to really go crazy, append the RGB or HSV values to your track names?

Yeah, I could also just include default track names in PLE scripts, but, this would just reduce the amount of ‘OR’ work… and things might get renamed…

Yeah it could work, don’t really feel like I could be bothered though

The PLE does let you do stuff based on the Color Name. This allows you to use categorize Tracks based on the Color Name.

I use this to show/hide groups of Tracks like Guitars, or Vocals. For example, I use 5 different colors to indicate a Track has a guitar on it and this PLE will toggle their visibility.

The corresponding Color Pallet looks like this

hi I think you misunderstand the feature request. Default Track Colours cannot be targeted with PLE

Yes indeed I did misunderstand - but agree with your request.

Really everything that could be detected by the PLE should be able to be detected.